Rich helps large and smaller companies solve hard problems quickly and on their own.
With an engaging blend of case studies, global perspectives and cutting-edge research, Rich’s original insights provides companies with a roadmap for true client astonishment and cultural leadership transformation.

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Because Every Transformation Starts With an Insight

How to Stay Relevant in a Busy World

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A client of mine was describing a hotel front desk employee he had recently dealt with. "She was competent, of course, but she couldn't engage very well with the customer...

The Cookie and the Oven

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It seems like the world of business is more fascinated with cookies than the oven that bakes the cookies. And it's costing us. They eat the cookie, they like it,...

Developing “Executive Presence”

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In my daily work, I’m often asked to help leaders develop executive presence or gravitas. Here’s how I reflect on what to do: In a survey asking CIOs to list...

Richard Habets is an internationally trusted advisor and the creator of How The Best Get Better, Advanced Client Systems, Unfair Advantage, Business Masterminds and the Owner / Victim business trainings. He has spent the last decades as a trusted advisor, trainer and creative spark plug to hundreds of executives, management teams, sales teams and people who want to get more out themselves without working harder.

Richard gets credited for his no-nonsense and light hearted style of leading and his clear and inspiring view on how to help others to greater performance.