About Rich Habets

Educated by many and mostly through living life full out, Rich started out his working life as a management consultant and transitioned into coaching and consulting.

I loved playing games and writing code on my Commodore 64

6000 people in 25 countries and 4 continents touched, moved and inspired.

Rich’s outstanding reputation is built on drive , insight, and an ability to deliver, with an emphasis on straight forward communication, and fun. Clients come through personal recommendation and stay for the service that’s tailored to them.




Born March 5th, 1974 in Heerlen, The Netherlands Raised by loving parents, grew up as a rebel.


Bachelor of Science from Hogeschool Zuyd and started working as an insecure consultant.


Switched from IT consultancy to Management Consultancy. Got my introduction into the world of coaching, when I got my own coach.


Took on the role of head of technology at a department of an investment bank, while studying NLP.


Quit my corporate job, made a big shift in my personal circumstances and founded my own Management Consulting firm: Insight Inc was born.


I was invited to speak to 500 professional which made me shift into higher gear in my career. Started coaching and training teams, executives and professionals.


Got married to Diana, raising 3 kids


Designed a culture by design program for a Fortune 100 company. Training thousands of people and mentoring other internal coached in the company. Repeated this at 2 other companies in that same year.


Successfully transitioned all training and coaching programs to an online training format.


Published my first major book: Opportunity Screams.

What I've learned

Listening is a super power.

We don’t act on what happens to us,
we act on how something or someone occurs to us.

How something occurs to us happens in language.

We can re-invent ourselves every day.

We all have the power to create whatever we want.