What Makes the Master, a Master?

The story goes that Pablo Picasso once sat in a bar in Paris, having his lunch.A woman who recognized him came over and asked him “excuse me sir, aren’t you Pablo Picasso?”. As Pablo confirmed, the woman handed him a napkin and asked “can you please draw something for me?”. Pablo took the napkin and got to […]

The Hidden Key to Creating True Accountability

As I’m sitting at my hotel after a training, I’m motivated to write a post based on recent coaching conversations. This time, the topic is holding people accountable as a leader. It’s truly remarkable how bad this is done in organizations and how high the costs are of not doing there correctly. Here are 2 […]

Another Day on Repeat

Albert Einstein once said: “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” It took me years to understand what Einstein really meant to say. He’s talking about Tranquilized Obviousness. The Tranquilized Obviousness adults live in and that […]

Down the Ladder Trumpiness

So apparently Donald Trump will be the next president of the Divided States of America. For the last 6 months all the major polls said Clinton would win. She didn’t. For the last 6 months all the major media channels said the Democrats would win the Senate. They didn’t. For the last 6 months these […]

Creating a New Game of Leadership

I’m at my favorite little castle drinking a morning cup of coffee while reflecting on the last 3 months of extensive travels and meeting some amazing people from all over the world. It took me to Geneva, Warsaw, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Milan, Florence, Sienna, Arezzo, Valencia, Ibiza and Abu Dhabi. The one thing that stuck with […]

The Source of Power of Great Leaders

So many times I see people get stuck in fighting the way things are. They lose themselves in a conceptual world when they compare their personal mental picture of “how things/persons should be” to “how it is”. This leads to a world of frustration, loss of efficiency, well being, productivity and performance. We all know […]

We Got to Stop Meeting Like This…

In my daily work with organisations, there’s one thing I see that’s seldom done well: Meetings. They often are seen a source of frustration, confrontation and time wasting. They often are seen a source of frustration, confrontation and time wasting. And that’s unnecessary! So here are 12 quick insights, in random order, to dramatically improve […]

You’re Never Lacking Resources

So many times I hear people talking, and complaining, about an apparent lack of resources when they weren’t able to do something. They say things like: I didn’t know the right people I didn’t have the money I didn’t have the time I didn’t have the right qualifications I didn’t have the right experience My […]

The Human Juke Box

Most people have loads of misguided ideas about stress. Most people believe that if you are actively engaged with life, stress is inevitable. Most people think “life is tough and along with the “good stuff” comes the stress”. The common belief that people have to cope with in life assumes that life is inherently stressful. […]

Stop Trying To Be So Damn Superior

One of the most destructive behaviors I see in companies is the “I’m superior” behavior. Also disguised as the “I’m better then you”, “I know better then you”, “I have no blind spots, but you do”, “If only other people were is good as I am” behaviors. They are everywhere. They are subtle, but they […]