Creating a New Game of Leadership


I’m at my favorite little castle drinking a morning cup of coffee while reflecting on the last 3 months of extensive travels and meeting some amazing people from all over the world. It took me to Geneva, Warsaw, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Milan, Florence, Sienna, Arezzo, Valencia, Ibiza and Abu Dhabi.

The one thing that stuck with me is the immense influence thoughts have in creating our realities and how the relationship with our thoughts is the most important relationship we will ever have. Put bluntly, when we believe our thinking, when we think our thinking is who we are, we struggle. When we see that our thinking (does thought clouds that move in and out of your head all the time) is just an opinion, we are much more free and are able to have a more fulfilling life.

When I don’t see what’s really pulling the strings (thought) I can easily get lost in a worrisome, scary reality. I can easily get caught up in a world of comparison, envy and struggle.

I’ve seen friends (and myself) get lost in a world of more, better, faster where succes is always around the corner but not here. A world where everything has to be at least VIP, 1st class and the most expensive. The paradox here is that the more exclusive it gets, the lonelier it also tends to get. And that’s not what we’re really looking for! We are looking for feelings of connection, care, empathy, team work and being with each other.

I’ve seen how addictions like alcohol, external stimuli, feeling special, but also less visible addictions like needing attention, being right, looking good and the addictions to over thinking make people into very small versions of themselves.

Put bluntly, we severely limit our abilities to lead, to connect to people and to inspire by buying into what we think all the time.

I’ve met a CEO who has no idea on what to do next with his life. I’ve met a Hollywood producer who almost killed himself not so long ago. I’ve met countless people struggeling to be “enlightened” and in the proces totally lost track of reality. The think they are what they do. They’ve mixed what they do with who they are. They’ve mixed the game of life with life.

And I’ve met an 81 year old with the fitness and the stamina of a 35 year old who taught me about being Out-Here. He profoundly shifted my life. He has created the game of ending world hunger. He’s created to game to influencing millions of people all over the world to express themselves as leaders. His games, that he created for himself, make him rise in the morning and dedicate is time in a focussed way.

I’m creating a new game for myself. A game that will challenge my capacities and abilities, because that makes me grow. A game that allow me to give back to the world, because that makes me grateful and gives me a sense of contribution.

And if you want to create a whole new game for yourself ask these 2 questions:

  1. What game would challenge your capacities and abilities?
  2. What game would allow you to do something back for others?

Keep in mind.. A game is there for your enjoyment. Just look at the picture on top of this post.

Let’s create better games.

As always, with respect,