Creating your Own Problems


What you think is wrong with yourself does´t really exist.

There, I just went ahead and said it upfront.

I didn´t try to sneak it in there around some fluffy language.
I didn´t try to slowly lead you into it.
I didn´t create a “safe space” for you to see it for yourself.

I just went ahead and said it.
Why? Because its true, and it needs to be said.

The funniest and saddest thing about human beings it that we create our problems inside our own head, think they are real,
then go ahead and try solving them!
And the more problems we create, the more we think it´s real and the more work we think we need to do!

It´s hilarious! Seriously. It´s all made up!

Like me, for example. I thought something was wrong with me, and that something was wrong with certain people.
How did I know I thought that? Cause I spent all this time in the world of my mind trying to fix it.

I spent most of my days trying to do certain things and be a certain person. Like being this kick ass consultant who knew everything, who wasn’t afraid of anything and travelled
the world helping people who “needed” me.

Like an infinite to do list. I check one off, and something else shows up. Always something missing, always flawed, always not quite there. Pulled out all the weed, then next morning, more weeds were there. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

I lived in the world of working harder. Doing more. Achieving more. Having more people approve of me.

I was so afraid of the unknown that I would rather be with what I thought I knew, then churning at that. Even if I wasn’t happy with with I knew.

I tried “positive thinking” and started studying Neuro Linguistic Programming.
One negative thought then BAM, switched it with a positive one! Feeling down? Chin up, breathe, smile, and I´m up!

Needed to be in a certain state? I had any state at my fingertips after my NLP certification!
Rush of energy and confidence?  Easy. Just squeeze my thumb and my index finger then do a “power move”, and say yeah.
Energy and confidence inserted. Anchor made. God I was cool.

Total control of my life and my state of mind. And not only that. I can teach you to do the same! And so I trained hundreds of others into doing the same.

Why? Cause I also thought you need fixing! You see, I´m not only afraid of my own experience,I´m afraid of your experience. So quickly, let me help it go away so I can relax.

Squeeze your fingers then you´ll feel better. You won´t understand anything, or find peace of mind,
or be comfortable in your skin and with your emotions, or feel secure regardless of circumstance and your thinking,
or feel connection to something bigger than your emotions — But I will tell you one thing:

You will be a master of creating a problem, then convincing yourself that its real by trying to fix it.
You will also become the center of attention in your mind. You´ll spend all day in your mind in fact. Making up problems, thinking about everything that´s wrong.

You´ll have a full time job! Who wouldn´t want that? Another full time job that doesn´t pay anything, sucks energy out of your body, you´re on 24/7, and gives you no satisfaction except those 2 seconds when you forgot about it?

Sign me up! I can see the commercial in front of me:

“Hey there. Don´t you love manically trying to control the uncontrollable? Fearing the future? Working all day doing the right things in the world? Well I got quite the offer for you.
Now you can do that same thing inside your head! Not only will you work hard searching for feelings in the outside world, you will now be able to search for them within your limited thinking!”

No thanks.

I think I´m happy with resting in what deep down every human being knows.

You already are perfectly fine.
You don’t need to do anything.
You have all the clarity, common sense and peace you need.

If only you stopped creating your own problems and spending all this energy trying to fix them.

You’d be the best leader when you do that.
You’d create an enormous space of clarity, peace and oversight.
You’d be innovative, creative, joyful and light hearted.
You’d be able to take on anything.
You’d make a huge improvement on your bottom line.

Beats any Harvard MBA any day.

Took me only 10 years to see that. You could do it much quicker.


Thanks to Eirik for the inspiration