The Destructive Effect of Mistaking a Myth for Truth


There is a cultural myth that, in order to succeed, one must:

a. have lots of focus
b. work hard
c. make lots of sacrifices in order to reach their goals

(There are tens of other myths in any business, but that’s beyond this blog)

Believing this myth leads to the toxic assumption that in order to have more succes you
have to work harder then you do now, you have to focus harder and make even more sacrifices.

This myth is everywhere in the culture. It’s in movies, music, sports, the way we raise our kids, the news, businesses it’s everywhere and we believe in it like it’s the truth.

And that’s the problem: we see it as the truth. If we could see it as an option (hard work is just one way to be successful) we would be able to hold our perspective and make a wiser decission.

You see, when I have believe that I have to work hard, I put myself under a lot of pressure.
When I believe that I need to focus more I become very irritated with a lot of “noise” around me.
When I believe that I have to make sacrifices, I justice that I’m not able to spend time with family and friends.

It’s a recipe for anxiety, stress and un-productivity and unfortunately I see it in the majority of people and  companies.

Let me give you an example of this.

When I believe the myth that Spain is to the north of Holland, and I’m in Holland and I want
to go to Spain, it doesn’t really matter how fast I drive. I doesn’t matter how focused I am while driving
and it doesn’t even matter what I’m sacrificing (toilet breaks, food,) while I’m driving.
I will never get to Spain driving to the north from Holland.

It’s a myth that I have believed and made it into the truth and now I’m on my way to nowhere. Fast. Stress, anxiety, confusion, worry is in my near future.

The myth is not the problem. The problem is that I’ve accepted it as the truth!
What helps is putting the car on the side of the road, getting my map out and checking my route. That
will reveal the truth, which is that Spain is to the south, not to the north.Effortless succes means that we take the time to bring our mental car to a stop and check where we’re
going and make course corrections. It’s an understanding of how the system works that makes us able to make better choices.The brain is a wonderful bio computer that, when left alone, can solve any problem. But when we run this bio
computer on incorrect programming we create our own problems. These problem will look very real to us and as a result we’re opening lots of time solving things that we created in the first place.

The bad news is that I see this relaxed, calm state of mind in less then 1 in a 100 people.
The good news is that we all have the innate capacity to be in this elated state of mind.

These are the people that will be the future leaders.

It’s my personal mission, for the rest of my life, to let people re-discover this genius mode for themselves so that they can go and solve the worlds problems.

Which myths are you confusing for truth?