Down the Ladder Trumpiness


So apparently Donald Trump will be the next president of the Divided States of America.

For the last 6 months all the major polls said Clinton would win. She didn’t. For the last 6 months all the major media channels said the Democrats would win the Senate. They didn’t. For the last 6 months these same media said the Democrats would win the House of Representatives They didn’t.

Instead, the Republicans won all 3 of these elections.

People don’t understand how this could have happened. How could so many people vote for such a obviously flawed candidate? A candidate who insulated so many, knows so little and has no real plans?

My take is that they underestimated a fundamental and powerful force in the human psyche. It’s this one:

People are much more forceful in moving away from what they don’t want as opposed to moving towards what they do want.

Do this little test to see this for yourself:

Ask a random person what they really really want and there’s a big chance they don’t really know. Ask a random person what they really really don’t want and chances are you’ll get a whole list of things.

These elections have proven this dynamic again.

Consider these stagering facts: of all the people that voted for Trump some 63% has doubts about his character.  Another 60% does not believe he is always honest.

But.. 83% thinks he can make major changes happen. Even though they have no idea what these changes look like.

It’s not the vote for Trump that made him win. It’s the vote against Washington.

The vote to move away from politics as-is and towards “change”.

If you’ve ever been at one of my trainings, you know that when someone’s state of mind is “down the ladder” you live in a world of fear, blame, egoism and victimhood. In this State of Mind other people and circumstances are your reasons for being stuck and unhappy. In other words, you will always look outside for “fixing” what’s not working.

And so you go vote with the option the tells you that you can be “Great Again”. Because when I am in a Victim State of Mind I’m always looking for a savior, someone to come rescue me, someone who will make it all OK.. Like when you were a kid..

But here’s the great (and for some inconvenient truth): only you can do that! But that’s invisible for someone in the the Trumpiness State of Mind.

Rising up on the ladder is the answer. Not politics or anything else on the outside.