How to Create an Unbeatable team


When the Avengers, a team of superheroes, protect the earth against another alien invader they work like a team, a super team.
Meaning, they all use their own unique superpowers in the most effective way possible.

Hulk uses brute force when confronted with a strong opponent.
Captain America applies his leadership skills to get the team to work effectively.
Thor is brave and won’t back down for anyone, out of pure courage.
Iron Man uses creativity and Humor to disable opponents.
Hawk eye observes from a distance and then strikes out of nothing.

Hulk does not wait from a distance with a calm mind.
Captain America does not roll over tanks.
Thor is not know to disarm people with his humor.
Iron man is not humble.
Hawk Eye doesn’t do well in a 1:1 fight with a bigger opponent.

They use each others Unique Talents to the max and that’s why they are known to be the last shield of protection of planet earth.
They are so good at it, that they even have movies made after them 🙂

And now here’s the crazy, crazy thing…

If this strategy is so effective than why is the distracted, carrier oriented manager in lead of quality control?
Then why do they put the girl with zero people skills at the head of customer service?
Why do they put the rational, self conscious man in the lead of HR?
Why do we make the best accountant head of accounting?

Makes no sense to me.
You don’t make Lionel Messi coach of Barcelona, do you?

When we wanna build strong, powerful teams we have to use people’s unique talents and drop the rest.

Unfortunately we have been told a cultural lie. And it starts in school.
We have to work hard at the grades that are below average instead of focussing on the above average grades.

The results is a large set of average skills and frustrated people who have to spend times on things they don’t like and they
aren’t very good at.

In my hiring days as a manager, I always chose a 10, two 9’s, two 6’s and two 4’s over six 6’s any day of the week.
I wanted the gifted “freaks” instead of the well socialized average man. Because I could handle them and when given the right environment, they created business miracles.

It’s time to start building teams build on Unique Talents. Give them the job and let them re-create it themselves.
What you’d get is happy, creative and highly productive people who stay at your company for ever.

Just ask the Avengers.