Let’s Dance to All that Music

By April 12, 2017Leadership, State of Mind

This week’s blog post is to all the change agents, game changers, go-givers, ownership takers, creators, truth tellers, straight talkers, generous listeners, fire starters and cross thinkers that I so proudly call my clients and friends. I deeply respect your energy and drive to be different and the powerful stand you are for growth despite all the old school “business as usual” thinking around you.

This one’s for you.

Friedrich Nietzsche was a German philosopher who said:

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”

What is Nietzsche talking about when he talks about “the music” ?

He’s talking about the ability to see possibilities, to really connect with other people (and customers are people too!), to not just react (like an animal in survival mode) but to respond in a wise way, to see people in the best way possible (this is what makes humans grow), to collaborate around achieving a goal beyond self interest (where do you see this in today’s companies?) and to speak freely about what’s on one’s mind.

In today’s over analytical business cultures people who can hear the music are often ridiculed by the ones who can’t hear the music. They are called naive, unrealistic or even insane. In fact if you are a person who thinks this way, you’ve probably already called this article a “waste of time” or “nonsense” or “unrealistic” or you’re already on another page.

Here’s the simple truth: the music is in everyone. No exceptions. The only question is: can you hear it? And are you willing to dance with it?

I invite you to listen and dance with me, because the world needs more dancers.

With warmth,