Return On Integrity (ROI)

Putting integrity at the heart of the company has made tens of millions for my clients and much more in improved teamwork, client relationships and trust.

Clearly, integrity is not the go-to category for most organizations or companies seeking to increase their profits. But what business leaders don’t realize is the ROI – return on integrity – that is possible, and tending to an organization’s integrity, has shown to have a dramatically positive effect on the bottom line.

Integrity is simple: honor your word. Meaning, before you give your word to someone be sure that you know what you agree on and that it’s totally clear what needs to be done (by when and whom to all the parties involved).Then, when you have given your word, honor it. It doesn’t mean always keep it, because that’s impossible. Honoring your word means doing the thing you gave your word to or, when your not able to keep your word, inform the other party as soon as you know and make new agreement.

From time to time you will forget to honor your word and find out later. In that case clean up your mess. Meaning, apologize for not honoring your word, acknowledge that damage done to the other person and restore the integrity by making a new agreement.

That’s all there is for a huge Return On Integrity.