How Thought, Skydiving in Las Vegas and Will Smith are Linked to Each Other


That particular morning she was in an extremely good mood and I wasn’t. While she was very happy, I was thinking “why are we doing this? This is dangerous and ridiculous” and even more horrifying things. As a result I was living in a world of stress, worry and fear.

You see, the night before we had booked a parachute jump over the Nevada desert for that morning and it was consuming my full attention. I could think of nothing else and the whole world seemed to pass me by. I was living in my own thought created, very scary, reality.

We got in the car, drove over to a little town called Jean, Nevada and as we arrived there this friendly lady who gave us some papers to sign. As I asked what they were for she told me with a friendly smile “Sir, these are for you to sign your life away, in case something happens. We don’t wanna be held accountable in those cases”.

Ok.. that did not help me to calm down! The thoughts trough my head got worse and worse and my experience of stress build up.

As we put on our jumpsuits I looked at my wife’s jumpsuit and around the neck area I saw a small little pocket with an small object in it that looked a bit like small scissors.I asked the friendly lady once more what that was for and, again with a smile, she replied “Sir, that’s for the instructor to cut you loose in case you get tangled up”. That did not help either!

30 long horrific minutes later I heard somebody call our names and we walked towards the plane. My wife was so happy! She was smiling from ear to ear! We got on the plane (the smallest, oldest plane I’ve ever seen) and 10 minutes later we jumped. The first 20 seconds I couldn’t breath but when the parachute hit it was one of the most beautiful experiences I ever had.

The instructor asked me “Do you see the horizon? Looks amazing doesn’t it? Do you hear that silent blowing of the wind? Isn’t that peaceful? Now you now why bird are always singing!”

When we landed my first words to the instructor were “When can we go again?”.

The moral of this story is that we can create any experience through our own personal use of the power of thought. I had a horrible experience with all kinds of scenario’s of how this could go wrong and I felt horrible while my wife was almost in ecstasy!

When we landed all my personal horror thinking went away and was replaced by feelings of extreme freedom and aliveness!

Here’s a video, Will Smith on Skydiving, featuring the actor Will Smith talking about, you guessed it, skydiving.

In this video he also talks about the thought created nature of fear that will illustrate why world famous scientist David Bohm once said:

“Thought creates our reality and then says “I didn’t do it!” — David Bohm