Businesses Fail Because They Don’t Serve


Businesses fail because they don’t serve.

They blog, market, advertise, publicize, launch, and a bunch of other fancy-sounding distractions.

Yes, distractions.  And it never ever works to put hurdles between yourself and your customer.

They optimise processes, they re-organize the business, they introduce Lean or Six Sigma, they train their people into the newest management theory.

And even though all of that has a place, it never makes a company prosperous. But wealth comes from profound *service*.

What’s that you say?

It’s actually making a difference in someone’s life (instead of trying to manipulate people into thinking highly of you and your credentials).

Stop focusing on your image and start actually impacting people out there in the real world where life actually happens.

It’s really that simple.

I know of companies that are busier with reorganizing their Customer Service department then they are with actually growing their level of client astonishment!

We make it all so complex, people make it complex. Here’s the simple formula: Serve your customer 10x times more then they expect and you will Thrive beyond expectations.

Stop hiding behind fancy ideas, power point presentations, long term strategies that no one gets, business cases, investment plans, reorganizations, value stream remapping, branding and start serving now, here, today.

Just Connect. Listen. Serve.

That sounds way to simple for most, I am aware of that. But I promise you that every company that doesn’t have excellent client ratings is not doing it.