Stop Trying To Be So Damn Superior


One of the most destructive behaviors I see in companies is the “I’m superior” behavior. Also disguised as the “I’m better then you”, “I know better then you”, “I have no blind spots, but you do”, “If only other people were is good as I am” behaviors.

They are everywhere. They are subtle, but they are everywhere.

And it’s killing for relationships, communication, listening and the bottom line.

Experts try to prove their superiority. Especially men do this to each other.
When I’m working with teams I see this all the time. Men trying to prove their
superiority in verbal and the oh so loud non-verbal ways.

It stalls progress, it kills trust and it’s deadly for team work.

We all notice it, yet nobody says anything about this little game we play with each other.

Instead do this: take the student positions immediately and take notes. Let the other person make all the moves and dance with them. This removes the superiority game and relaxes the other person. The other person will know they can relax around you. People will admire you for showing your vulnerable side. You can be of service much faster that way.

Real leadership has NOTHING to do with your position in a company.

Leadership is about:

Listening to people.

Connecting with them.

Building trust.

Letting them find their own answers.

Get results together.

Stop trying to be so damn superior. You’re just pushing people away!

Plus, we can all see what you’re doing anyway.